Tuesday, November 13, 2007


November 13th, 2007

Re: Piedmont football team makes NCS playoffs and football history!

On Sunday, November 11th at Las Lomas high school in northern California, the selection committee chose the Piedmont Highlanders football team as the # 8 seed in the NCS 2A East Bay playoffs.

Not only did the good news excite the Piedmont football team and reward them for an outstanding season, but it also validated Piedmont’s new A-11 Offense (all eleven players potentially eligible), thereby signaling a shift in the high school football landscape.

Piedmont (7-3) will play at Las Lomas (10-0) who is the # 1 seed in the tournament.

Piedmont’s Head football coach Kurt Bryan said, “For our players to accomplish so much up to this point in time in the first season of using the A-11 is truly remarkable. Our team has worked so hard and has earned this spot in the playoffs by never giving up and never looking back. Even though we are a very small school, we have earned the right to play the largest school in 2A, Las Lomas, and they are awesome. Our players and assistant coaches deserve a ton of credit and it’s a testament to their commitment to succeed.”

The Highlanders earned the playoff berth with their overall record and strength of schedule - their 3 losses coming against teams with a combined record of 25 – 5.

“It’s going to be a great game,” said Bryan, “we are going to put the football in the air all night long, and it’s going to be a fun game to watch on both sides.”